Surabaya, – Commitment president of PT Peln, Ir Syahril Japarin to fix the red plate company engaged in the service of passenger ships that spread from Sabang to Merauke and of Miangas to rote island is evident in a matter of months since the CEO took office he was able to change Pelni face which likened the disease has entered the stage of stage 3.

Pelni losses whenever the ship is expected departure of tens to billions of dollars with no pay-load of goods or passengers without tickets. Very difficult if you want to speak from where pembenahannya due to problems on the order of goods without documents to passengers without tickets like “egg and chicken”.

But with the principles of Good Governance Pelni president appeared with a strong commitment to the start of the “self” he dared to close themselves off from the tenant / suppliers that could potentially affect policy, he submitted to the competent directors so that the decision menagmbil it will position itself as a decision maker without partiality, aka corruption.

Of the commitment he then started to touching the vital interests of employees by providing salary increases to benefits that encourage employees to work. As a result, combined with the cold touch of managerial skills that are reliable, Syahril Japarin who is also the CEO of asia’s best to carve a significant change.

Proven Easter Eid last August, concerns related to passenger comfort on board began missed, goods piled piled on the steps of the deck-deck ships and boats that have become a common sight every trip, no longer found on ship Pelni of jakarta, nearly 99 percent no longer found the goods without documents.

Placement barangpun began neatly so that the comfort of passengers began to be felt. This can be seen when the KM Labobar, Lambelu passed the Port of Tanjung Perak Surabaya. Hapiah one of the passengers from Jakarta destination Ambon say that we feel more relieved because the access stairs to enter freely without disturbing the goods.

The same thing is said Andri passenger KM Labobar goal Nabire “kalu last june my boat Labobar feels cramped now feels free to move”, he concluded. This situation can not be separated from cooperation with the National Police in particular PT.PELNI Port Police, the Navy mengandeng so this partnership is able to parse the issue without social upheaval.

Improvement of port security that led the Port of Tanjung Priok Police Commissioner Asep Adisaputra, reaping praise from the service user Pelni, because there is a person no longer roaming thugs entered the ship, loading and unloading process in practical KM Pelni regular and orderly so that it has an impact on other port .

This was stated by Attorney PT Pelni Urbanization while doing demolition at Tanjung Perak Surabaya Pelaqbuhan dawn 9/9. “After the improvements in Tanjung Priuk, we try to touch more to the inside, so that the gap to capitalize upon the present situation can be minimized,” he said.

Other efforts Pelni do is, sweeping the halls room crew, ship officer attempts to anticipate elements playing with the larangangan goods on board escaped without documents. In opersai be undertaken by the team, was found still the person who receives the goods in the crew room, asked whether sanctions would be given to them, he simply replied that this would be followed up by SPI Pelni, just wait! he explained.