Nowadays condition, business practices in various companies desperately need the support of the law, either to small, medium and large, each of which has different characteristics and specialties.

Although in each of these companies already have legal divisions that specifically cater all legal aspects required by the company, but frequently encountered problems that arise later, as a result of the complexity of the legal relationship existing and evolving, which was not anticipated by the company.

It so often encountered are generally caused by the legal division of a company incorporated in the much more pressing on the internal interests of the company as compared with the external problems that exist beyond the parties to a legal relationship

Solution System Provided
Our lawyers have expertise and certification in handling both in the field of litigation and non-litigation in the country and foreign.

As well as the work of the case are as follows:

  • Case of Broken Promises (default) various Contract / Agreement.
  • Forex trading case.
  • Land case.
  • Smuggling Case Fishing Vessels owned by foreigners.
  • Labour cases.
  • Trademark cases.
  • Inheritance cases (in the District Court).
  • Inheritance cases (in the Religious).
  • Bad Debts in some cases the bank.
  • Bad Debts in the case financing company (Multi Finance / Leasing).
  • Divorce cases.
  • Lawsuit administrative court case.
  • Cases in the field of licensing (Business License, Work Permit and Stay Permit / Immigration).
  • Assistance at the level of investigation in the police, judiciary, KPK
  • Joint Venture Agreement.
  • Consortium Agreement.
  • Of Share Pledge Agreement.
  • Technical Assistance Agreement.
  • Sale and Purchase Agreement.
  • License Agreement.
  • Maintanance Agreement.
  • Distributorship Agreement.
  • Agreement in the field of Computers.
  • Agreement in the field of Telecommunications.
  • Agreement in the field of contractor services for work in the oil and gas companies.
  • Agreement in the field of contractor services for work in corporate Property.
  • Preparation of company regulations.
  • Preparation of cooperation agreements.
  • Contract work in the field of labor.
  • Administrative proceedings, and all the formalities in the founding of the company.
  • Maintenance of corporate finance / project at various financial institutions inside and outside the country.

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URBAN LAW OFFICE & PARTNERS was established by notarial deed. 09 dated May 2, 2011 in Jakarta by Dr Urbanisasi, S.H, M.H, Dip, TH., CLA, CIL, CSA. ,- Advocates graduate of the Faculty of Law, University of Surabaya and Technology Graduate Program Alumni, Business Law Islamic University of NSW, and in January 2012 he went to Program ( S3) Doctor of Legal Sciences, Hasanuddin University Makassar, and supported by a number of senior and young lawyers who are skilled and experienced in their fields. They come from leading universities in Indonesia and experience in handling various problems in the field of law at home and abroad.

URBAN LAW OFFICE & PARTNERS has a motto: “All can be finished to the a strong desire” All can be completed over a strong desire. (Urbanization-Red). We also dedicate ourselves and always works based on professionalism in providing legal services to clients. In every aspect, we are always looking for a Law office settlement solution based approach conscience without compromising standards of professional work and absolute dedication.

Well come to URBAN LAW OFFICE & PARTNERS “ALL CAN BE FINISHED A STRONG DESIRE TO THE” Presence and visit Mr / Ms gentlemen in our office so we look forward to. Serving legal consultation via SMS: 087884200009, and email:, (24 hours)

Our Expertise

Banking 90
Insurance 95
Capital Market Law 85
Information Technology 85

Acosiates Partner

Dr Urbanisasi, S.H, M.H, Dip, TH., CLA, CIL, CSA.
Dr Urbanisasi, S.H, M.H, Dip, TH., CLA, CIL, CSA.Advokat
Advocates graduate of the Faculty of Law, University of Surabaya and Technology Graduate Program Alumni, Business Law Islamic University of Djakarta, Program (S3) Doctor of Legal Sciences, Hasanuddin University Makassar
FX Soekarno,SH.
FX Soekarno,SH.Advokat
Senior advocates were poor across the world of Politics and Law. He completed his undergraduate education (S1) of the Faculty of Law at the University of Gadjah Mada in Yogyakarta, FX Soekarno never be Anngota 2004-2009 Parliament constituency representatives IV Central Java Democrats.
Guntoro SH.,MH.
Guntoro SH.,MH.Advokat
Advocates graduate of the Islamic University of NSW, East Jakarta, 1998 Graduate and Alumni Graduate Univ. Islam Djakarta, Department of Criminal Law 2011.

Our Clients

Other Services

Business Law services provided by Urban & Associates Law Office is to handle the case – a case in the field of business law disputes occurring in the territory of the Republic of Indonesia.Lahirnyabanyak regulation in the areas of business law, potentially company – companies operating in Indonesia will face legal perpermasalahan .

As an Advocate in the field of business law, Urban & Partners Law Office provides services handling the case – the case law following business:


Helping companies and / or the Investor in handling or resolving cases related to investment / capital investment like investment fraud cases, disputes with investors, a criminal case in the field of investment, as well as membantumenyediakan legal services to assist you in matters relating to Capital markets, such as an IPO (Initial Public Offering) of shares and bonds, Merger and Acquisition Company, and including also the problem of the stock exchange.


Giving Advice companies in resolving issues or disputes between the shareholders, either directly or indirectly.


Serve as well as helping firms representing clients in handling legal cases related to infringement of intellectual property rights, either in a disadvantage or adverse.


Help and can represent corporate clients in handling legal cases related to business disputes in the District Court and the Commercial Court.


Serving companies in the handling and settlement of legal cases related to employment and employees or unions.


Serve can help represent corporate clients in the management and resolution of problem loans and receivables, both in litigation and in litigation (through the courts).


Serving companies in the care of the legal issues associated with product liability are sold into the market, and cases of violation of the Consumer Protection Act.

  • MEDICAL & HOSPITAL malpractice

Serving physicians, hospitals or health care facilities in the face of the alleged malpractice case.


Assisting and representing corporate clients in handling insurance claims losses suffered by the company.


Serving and representing the company in bankruptcy cases and request suspension of debt payments (PKPU).


Serving companies in the face of violations of business cooperation, both through litigation and non process through case management in litigation to the court.


Serving companies in solving criminal cases that occurred or happened to the company, both as a reporter and reported.

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